3 Winter Beers You Must Try Before It’s Too Late

For the most part, we have been spared a brutally cold and harsh winter this year. It has been great for some of us, but it has left skiers and snowboarders feeling pretty grumpy the past few months. The great part of winter is, no matter what the temps might be, we still get great seasonal beers. Spring is coming fast so we have decided on our top 3 winter beers that you MUST try before they are gone, or you will have to wait for old man winter to return next year.

1. Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale

Celebration Ale is a dry hopped, rich and robust ale that will warm up the coldest of winter nights. This is a beer that will definitely appeal to hop-heads with a strong hops taste and aroma as well.

IBU: 65

Alcohol: 6.8%


2. Magic Hat Howl

Magic Hat refers to this beer as a “black as night winter-lager”. I cant agree more with that description. This dark as a dungeon beer really personifies what a winter seasonal should taste like. With a touch of chocolate and coffee beans, this dark lager will do you well on a snow day.

IBU: 32

Alcohol: 4.6%


3. Flying Dog K-9 Cruiser

Cozy up by the fire with this sweet and fairly nutty winter ale. This is the perfect beer for the non hop-heads who still enjoy a strong beer in the winter time. Enjoy!

IBU: 30

Alcohol: 7.4%


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