Wicked Weed Cool Cucumber

By: Ben Dofflemyer

First Impression: I love the idea. Cucumber is my personal favorite variety of

gourd. Fresh and cool, it’s the perfect ingredient for a beer to greet the summer

with. I’ve also recently developed a fondness to basil, so this beer just jumps off the

huge beer menu right away.


Pour: Off the tap at the brewery, it comes served with a slice of cucumber on the

edge of the glass, of course. It’s straw colored, which was exactly what I’ve been

looking for on these hot days of summer. It has really great carbonation, not

too fizzy, but still a fairly thick head that disappears sort of quickly, leaving bubbles

on the glass as it dies down. This is a nice, light looking beer, about right for a 6.0%

fruit/vegetable beer.




Aroma: Normally a beer doesn’t stop me on my mouths approach to the glass, but

this one just begged me to stop and think about it a minute. There’s a lot of different

smells coming off of it, all blending into a fresh, clean, floral smell. This is where

your non-beer drinking girlfriend should start having second thoughts.


Flavor: Extremely crisp and fresh, like a bite of a cucumber salad. Perfect for these

hot summer days in the Blue Ridge. It’s light enough to enjoy a few, which is good

because that girlfriend who “doesn’t normally like beer” might take a few sips.

All around, it’s delicious, I don’t know if there’s a person out there that I wouldn’t

recommend this beer to. When it’s available during the early summer, I recommend

keeping a growler of this in your fridge for a hot day full of yard work.


Final Impression: What I hoped it would be, and then some. I was already excited

about the cucumber, but Wicked Weed went above and beyond to create a seriously

refreshing. The basil and juniper rounded this out perfectly. They also let some age

in gin barrels, which they called Imperial Coolcumber. If you’re lucky enough to

visit the brewery while either are on tap, I highly recommend you at least try both of



Grade: A

ABV: 6.00%

Wicked Weed Cool Cucumber