Wicked Weed Brewing Tropicmost Gose

By: Ben Dofflemyer

Late last week I finally had to break down and turn my central heat on, the odor of stale dust filled up my house, set off my smoke detector, and brought me the realization that winter is right around the corner already.  We had a beautiful summer here in Western NC full of concerts, cookouts, beer festivals, walks in the woods, and crisp refreshing ales.

During the summer of 2015 there was a big boom in styles like the Berliner Weisse, Tart Farmhouse, and Gose, which I have personally been very fond of.  Being able to find them in six packs has made it easier for me to broaden my friends horizons with these nice mild sour ales.  For the year-and-a-half that I’ve been here, I’ve been waiting for sour specialists at Wicked Weed to tackle this style.  They brewed a couple batches only available at the brewery this summer, but thankfully, they’ve released a Gose in the bottle!

Wicked_Weed_Tropicmost First Impression:  Since it’s been getting cold here in the mountains of North Carolina, I grabbed this beer hoping to hang on to the last lingering remnants of  summertime while I still can.  Cool artwork, as always.

 Pour:  Poured from a 16.9 oz bottle that was just capped about two weeks ago into a tulip glass, conveniently from Wicked Weed also.  It has a light golden  yellow color with a nice frothy head on it that fades rather quickly.  The smell spills out of the glass while pouring it!  Wait for me, I’m not to that part yet!

 Aroma:   I haven’t had very many passion fruits, but I know they have a relatively sweet and tart flavor.  There’s a little bit of a citrusy note accompanied by a  strong funky aroma, but that’s all eclipsed by a dominantly fruity smell. I can almost taste it without taking a sip… Stop getting ahead of me!

 Taste:  The tartness is strong in this one!  I could tell from the smell that it was going to be tart, but didn’t nearly expect it would be this sour.  It also has a  mouthfeel that’s reminiscent of biting into a meaty fruit, making the flavor very full but still very light.  As anticipated, this beer is taking me back to memories of  long relaxing summer days where I am used to enjoying this particular style.  But now I’m convinced that there is no wrong time to enjoy a Gose!

 Overall:  I have been in love with this style since it started becoming popular a couple of years ago.  Throughout the past two years, breweries like Boulevard,  Anderson Valley, and Westbrook (who I think may have started this trend in the US) have all come out with their own very good and unique versions of the Gose.  Wicked Weed’s first Gose bottle stands out in a couple of ways to me, being one of the most sour varieties, and definitely the most fruit-centered that I’ve tried.  I feel like we waited too long for Wicked Weed to take on this style of ale, and we’re lucky they did.  Here’s hoping they do more variants of this!

Grade:  A

ABV:  4.1%

IBU: ?

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Wicked Weed Tropicmost Gose