Very Nice Brewing Co. Pale Ale

By: Colleen Kelly

‘Be nice or leave,’ is the sign that greeted me upon entering the aptly named Very Nice Brewery in Nederland, CO. A quaint mountain town sitting comfortably at just over 8,200 feet, Nederland boasts the culture and energy of a much larger city. With plentiful backcountry hiking less than 10 minutes into the mountains
and festivals like the Frozen Dead Guy Days (yes, it is as unique as it sounds), the locals are more than willing to engage in pleasant banter while they rave about their hip, artsy and tight-knit community. They, like most Colorado dwellers, take immense pride in their home and (no surprise here) their beer.


First Impression:  With its light golden color, the Very Nice Pale Ale greets drinkers with a light body and mild hoppy aroma. It is heavy for a pale ale and is more filling than I normally prefer in a lighter style. Quite honestly, the first pint didn’t make much of a impression on me. I decided to try another to see if there were any lingering flavors that I may have missed. There weren’t.

Pour: This beer pours smooth out of the tap, but the I was quite surprised at the size of the head that forms shortly after.

Taste: The general flavor and consistency of this beer puts it in between an IPA and a Pilsner. This beer is very light on flavor to the point of being bland, but heavy on body which cuts into its drinkability. However, it is without the bitterness of an IPA and some pale ales. This beer packs no surprises. The first sip tastes like the 3rd which tastes like the last. It is without any characteristics of an ‘A’ grade beer, but also without those of a ‘C’ or lower.  Much like that long forgotten high school romance, this beer is neither impressive nor disappointing. As soon as my glass was empty, this beer disappeared from my mind and my palate with nothing more than a brisk wave goodbye.

Grade: B-

ABV: 5.3%

IBU: 33

Very Nice Brewing Co. Pale Ale