Great Beer From A Great State


On a recent ski trip to Sugarbush (Vermont), I had the opportunity to taste some great beer. Our rule on this trip was that we could only drink beer that was brewed in Vermont. Why would we do such a thing? Weren’t we limiting ourselves? Not in the slightest way. Vermont is home to lots of great breweries that consistently put out awesome beer. Here are a few of the beers that were tasted:

Switchback Ale

You can only find this beer on tap since they don’t bottle their beer. A Switchback employee said that they don’t bottle because they want to stay as a small brewery and not turn into a “once small, now big” type of sellout. That mentality is extremely rare these days, and quite frankly, pretty refreshing. Anyway, back to the actual beer. The ale is dark orange/amber in color and crisp in taste. It is not an outstanding beer, but one I would definitely recommend if you find yourself in Vermont.

Alcohol: ?

IBU: ?

Trout River Rainbow Red Ale

We enjoyed this surprisingly outstanding Vermont brew with the crew at Infinite Sports ski rental shop in Waitsfield, VT. Rainbow Red Ale is a sweet, red beer that was quite refreshing after a long day of skiing. It is a simple, drinkable brew that I would highly recommend.

Alcohol: 5.0%

IBU: ?

Harpoon IPA

This india pale ale, from Harpoon Brewery has a lot of citrus notes and tastes a bit floral as well. It is definitely not the greatest IPA I have ever consumed (stay tuned to find out what is), but it is surely a top 5 IPA. Harpoon has two breweries, one in Boston and one in Windsor, VT. I had the opportunity to visit the breery in Vermont last summer and it was a really enjoyable experience. It helped that we had a funny and enthusiastic tour guide from England.

Alcohol: 5.9%

IBU: 42



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