Two Brothers Domaine DuPage

Two Brother Domaine Dupage


By: Thomas Muhs

I’m hoping that this beer is special. Since this is my first featured article that I’m writing for this site, I wanted to make sure that I didn’t just choose the first beer I saw on the shelf. So I sought the recommendation of my good friend Matt at Everett’s Wine, Spirits, and Beers in South Beloit, Ill (shout out) and told him what I was hoping to accomplish.  He told me that the problem he’s found with most beer review sites is that people are always looking to find the most obscure, one-off, single batch brew they can find and then sort of humblebrag about how good it is. He said I should look for something local, easily available at least regionally, and most importantly, something that’s easy to drink for most people.  And thus my decision to buy Domaine DuPage was made. Two Brothers Brewing Company is based out of Warrenville, Illinois just west of Chicago off the I-88.  They’ve been brewing since 1997 and have 20 beers total in production which includes all the year-rounds, seasonals, and what they call their Artisan and Project Opus beers.  Domaine DuPage is one of their year-round selections and is labeled as a French Style Country Ale.

domaine_dupage_beerFirst Impression: The label seems to live up to the namesake of being called a French Style Country Ale. It uses different hues of warm colors and has a small picture of what appears to be a French Chateau in the left center part of the label. It gives off the appearance of being friendly and inviting.

Pour:  It has a color similar to what you would find with an amber ale, very bright and lively and the head is the color of pale khaki but disappears pretty quickly once it’s poured into the glass.

Taste:  You can smell the malts and the earthiness that accompanies a beer with a malt based profile.  It smells a little bit sweet with just a tinge of citrus. On first sip you can taste that little bit of citrus and also yeast.The yeast has a pretty strong presence in the overall flavor. To me it tastes like a combination of an amber ale and a summer wheat seasonal. All in all, it’s a smooth, easy-drinking beer that has a nicely balanced flavor profile to suit any occasion, whether that be with a meal or just a night in with your friends.

Grade: B

ABV: 5.9%

IBU: 24