Twisted Pine Brewing Company Ghost Face Killah

Twisted Pine Ghost Face Killah


By: Katie Schroepfer

Some people want to eat the spiciest foods available, striving to get that feeling that their mouth is on fire with whatever delicious food they can find. Twisted Pine, a Boulder brewery, has created a beer with the world’s spiciest pepper: the ghost pepper. I sampled this beer at Denver’s Summer Brew Fest a few weeks ago, and as someone that would rather smother spicy food with sour cream or something else to make it so my mouth isn’t on fire, it was not a fun beer to have. Especially at a beer festival where I had to wait in line for the next beer…all the while wishing I had a giant bowl of ice cream to calm the fire in my mouth. Okay, I’m weak when it comes to anything spicy, and I’m sure I’ll get plenty of people telling me that I am a wuss, but it’s definitely not a beer for everybody.

ghost face killahFirst Impression: If you get a bottle of this beer, the label matches how it tastes. It kind of is like everything around you is on fire, and it’s a little scary. It’s a great way to reflect the taste of the beer though. Twisted Pine is a favorite brewery of mine, so I’m always willing to try something unique.

Pour: Since I was at a beer festival I wasn’t able to see the pour, but the beer itself has a golden hue to it, looking quite like a typical wheat beer does.

Taste: Of course after I grabbed my beer the guy next to me told me to chug it, in which I shook my head knowing that chugging a spicy beer would be a mistake. Yet I wish I did because I’m pretty sure it would have been better than sipping on it. It’s fine for a second, with a wheat taste that isn’t too powerful but then all of a sudden there is an intense spicy feeling on your tongue that goes right down your throat and into your stomach. If you need something to warm you up, drink this beer. You would think that eventually you would get used to the taste, like how you do with spicy food but the flavor lingers, and even four beers later I still couldn’t get rid of the ghost pepper beer. I can’t imagine having a pint.

Grade: C for taste… A for uniqueness and flavor.

ABV: 5%

IBU: 10