Tommyknocker Pick Axe IPA

By: Katie Schroepfer

Tommyknocker is a Colorado mountain town brewery located in Idaho Springs, right off I-70, making it a destination stop for those coming back into Denver after a long weekend of playing in the mountains. Their brewery has fantastic food but what really puts them on the map is their prominent brews. Pick Axe IPA is a local favorite and a classic American IPA.

pick axe ipaFirst Impression: The label is similar to all other Tommyknocker labels, with greens and browns blending together, and their iconic mountain man logo included. With a green and brown mixture for a label it gives you the perfect sense of what you are going to get out of this beer.

Pour: A very typical IPA color, the pour has an orange hue to it and the head is very present at the beginning of the pour. The pour honestly isn’t that exciting, but just wait until you taste the beer!

Taste: Although the description says it has prominent hops, it isn’t overly hoppy like a lot of IPA’s tend to be. There is a good mixture of malts in it as well, which makes it very flavorful and enjoyable. It is an aromatic beer and the taste is crisp while it lingers, making you anxious to drink more. It’s definitely a delightful IPA.

Grade: A

ABV: 6.2%

IBU: 55

Tommyknocker Pick Axe IPA