Stone’s IPA…Not The Best IPA

By: Katie Schroepfer

Stone Brewing Co, a California based brewery, has been a favorite for many people from the West to the East. After having a tasting of their IPA – a definite fan favorite – it’s been decided that this isn’t their best beer out there. However, it’s still a beer worth trying because it’s one of their first brews.

First Impressions: The bottle is a sophisticated looking beer, not one you pick up for a night of drinking, really. It’s a clean looking bottle, and pouring the beer into a glass gives it the same feature. The IPA is a hoppy beer and you can smell it right away.

Taste: Stone’s IPA has a bitter taste to it, full of hops and dryness. However, it didn’t have a very strong taste in general. There was no way to pinpoint the taste, besides the hops in it. You can tell it’s high in alcohol because of the aroma and the taste.

Grade: As for a grade, it’s at best an average C. Although many people will disagree with this, there are much better IPA’s to be had and experienced.

ABV: 6.9

IBU: 77