Sixth Glass Quadrupel Ale

First Impressions: Sixth Glass, from Boulevard Brewing Co., is the first quadrupel ale I have ever tried, and to be quite honest, it was the bottle and label that caught my attention. Sixth Glass is housed in a uniquely shaped bottle and its label has a very interesting color tone. Once the cap comes off, the high alcohol content is definitely apparent in its smell. The beer pours a deep copper color, with very thick, off-white colored head.

Taste: A pretty sweet, caramel/honey taste. The ale lacks any hoppy bitterness and has a very fruity aftertaste. The beers high alcohol content is fairly evident in its taste. This is not the easiest beer to drink, but then again it is a quadrupel ale, so that should be expected.

Grade: A quadrupel ale that is pretty complex, both in its aroma and taste. B-

ABV: 10.5%

IBU: 22

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