Six Point Brewing Co. The Crisp

By: Beer Baron PA

Six Point exhibits an interesting character in the culture of craft beer. The end of the India Pale Ale occurred the moment it was no longer produced specifically to be sent to the East Asian continent. IPA’s are no longer known for their sea-clashing voyage or even for their historical connotation. Most people simply think of hops. The historical nomenclature of the IPA gave way to stylized nomenclature featuring prominent variations in hop flavors and bitterness. Beer in this sense has embarked on a completely different journey than its counter part—wine.

American and world brewers produce Russian Imperial Stout which remain domestic and never even cross oceans. I bring these up because Six Point begins to splinter off of the nomenclature of beer. For one, few of their beers are directly advertised under particular styles and instead rely on specific descriptions that connect to the idea of the IPA, etc.

The Crisp is categorized as a lager and speaks on the plane of naturalism and the pride therein. For example on the can are the phrases: “There is no beautifier of complexion,” “Crisp lager has nothing to hide behind,” “-no makeup to cover…flaws,” “raw ingredients, uninhibited…”

What is remarkably American about such raw truth is only perpetuated by Lady Liberty among the empire buildings barcode who is almost audibly shouting, raising her wild flame: “Mother of exiles! Yearning to breathe free [at] the golden door!” After keeping this in my cave for a short time, this rainy day prompted me to my return of writing all about beer. Here’s to Six Point. Here’s to the ‘tempest-tost!’

Six-Point-The-CrispFirst Impression: The striking label drew me in and the style is easy on the eyes. I feel very American drinking these beers. Six Point comes from the great state of New York and comes in those cubed boxes. I expected the cans to be less than 16 oz. but I misjudged. I caught some news and shared the congratulations over this beer when I learned that Six Point is entering the UK market. This is not a bad American beer to share with blokes from across the pond.

Pour: The Crisp has a gold amber color, pours a little murky with a sticky off white head. There is a pleasant aroma of more mature malt and a lazy green hop profile. On a more micro note are whiffs of alcohol, a sour ester of peach—or is it cherry?

Taste: It is a classic lager with some roundness to the malt. Immediately I feel how watery it is and get some hiding notes of peach and apple. This is an above average lager for sure although unbalanced with hops bitterness. It has got a great initial taste that throws back better than savors. It settles with low carbonation (which is fitting for this beer) and frankly tastes better straight from the can.

Grade: C

ABV: 5.4%

IBU: 42

Six Point Brewery The Crisp