Shiner Family Reunion – Shiner Blonde

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Shiner Blonde


By: Charles Teeman

shiner blondeFirst Impression: I am a big fan of the label on the Blonde; it has the look and feel of a nice European import. On the label it states: “In Shiner you’ll find Blonde on tap at gas stations, antique stores, and of course the Spoetzel Brewery“. So much for classy European import…

Pour: The Blonde has a beautiful blonde color (surprise!) with very little head that didn’t last too long. Additionally, the Blonde had a pleasant aroma – nothing fancy, just a nice, “classic” beer smell.

Taste: The Blonde has a subtle sweetness and a crisp flavor. A gentle hoppy flavor is left at the back of the mouth. The simplicity of the Blonde is something that can be easily messed up by a brewery trying to be too cute, but Spoetzel does a fantastic job keeping the Shiner Blonde short and sweet.

With some research, I seem to have gotten “lucky”. Apparently, Spoetzel has changed the name from Shiner Blonde to Shiner Premium. I probably got the old label because it came in the family pack (or family reunion).

Like the two other Shiners that I have reviewed, the Blonde just doesn’t have the crafty feel to it. While I did enjoy the overall experience that the Blonde has to offer, it doesn’t seem to differ from many un-craft beer brews.

Grade: B-

ABV: 4.4%

IBU: 13