Saranac Brewery

By: Rasta Fur

I recently moved to Baltimore MD and I have been looking for a new place to buy my weekly craft beer when I happened stance on a beer store that had a tasting for Saranac Beer. They were offering a taste of 3 different brews. I have had Saranac in the past, occasionally enjoying the occasional Pale Ale or Adirondack Lager, but these beers really turned me onto the winter seasonal from this upstate New York brewery.


Big Moose Ale

big moose aleFirst Impression: Crisp golden pilsner that I would gladly choose as a tasteful alternative to a rice beer.

Taste: Big Moose Ale was extremely refreshing and would be classified as a “lawnmower beer”.

Grade: B


White IPA

white ipaFirst Impression: This beer pours like its namesake, white and hoppy. A medium toned head clung nicely to the rim of the glass as I enjoyed this hop devil.

Taste: As someone who really enjoys a hoppy IPA such as the Stone Ruination IPA (which apparently has become the measuring for hops in an IPA) this IPA was a nice full bodied and malty alternative. The hops don’t come out and kick you but they are there. I would call this a great beginner IPA that is not just for first tie drinkers but for anyone who wants the full bodied taste without the overpowering hoppy taste.

Grade: A-


Caramel Porter

caramel porterFirst Impression: At first smell of this brew I didn’t think I would enjoy it. It has a very strong caramel waft, almost like the World’s Finest Chocolate Caramel Whirls.

Taste:  When I tasted it my reservations went out the window. This porter had a distinct roasted taste that really accents the natural flavor that Saranac uses to make your beer as tasteful as can be.

Grade: A-

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