Santa Fe Imperial Java Stout

By: Katie Schroepfer

It’s getting cold out, or cold enough, to start drinking those darker brews. I’ve been leaning towards stouts, specifically oatmeal, chocolate and java stouts. Santa Fe Brewing Co has been a brewery that I recently discovered, catching my eye with their Java Stout, with a plain label that has a cup of coffee and below it says “before noon” on one side and “after noon” on the other. Perfect for any time of the day!

First Impressions: I like simplicity, so in between an array of cans displaying a lot of detail, this can caught my eye. I was also looking for a new stout to try, and being a fan of coffee as well, this one made it a must-buy. I’ve never had a Santa Fe beer either, so it was a bunch of new stuff combined in one, what’s better than that?

Pour: The pour was a thick, yet smooth, pour. Very dark with a coffee hue to it, with a look of a dark chocolate, enticing is the way to put it best.

Taste: Looks can be deceiving with this beer. With a full body pour, one would think this would be a heavy, thick brew. However, it’s not as thick as it seems. It’s smoother than imagined, and it smells more like coffee than it does of beer. Don’t be concerned though, with 8% alcohol content it’s a great beer for morning or afternoon…or a late night dessert, even. It’s packed with fresh coffee, hops and black-roasted malts.

Grade: B+   This Imperial Java Stout is a winner, in my mind. Although this is the start of Stout season and there are many other stouts to try, I would definitely have this one again.

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