Ramblin’ Road Brewery Farm

By: Katie Schroepfer

Being from Minnesota, a typical farm consists of one little house, a barn and giant fields of corn, potatoes and other Minnesota-type farm foods. I’ve discovered a new type of farm and I’m not talking about an Illinois farm. I mean Ramblin’ Road’s Brewery Farm.

Located in Ontario, this brewery farm is a real working farm. They have crops growing with a hop garden next to the brew house. The water comes from a spring underneath the farm and the yeast and barley is some of the finest that you can get in Canada.

John Picard was the one with the idea of the brewery farm from the start. A man dedicated to working his land, he realized that the Norfolk region didn’t have a single brewery in immediate distance. This brewery farm is his way to combine his love for the land and his desire to brew beer.

After being in the confectionary business for over 30 years, he wanted to create a new product that people would enjoy. He has been busy learning every aspect of the brewery process, committed to creating the best brand and the best beer for everyone. He wants Ramblin’ Road to have a distinctive Canadian feel, working alongside the community to spread the word about Norfolk, Ramblin’ Road and other surroundings.

The brewing process started in late spring and when the Brewery Farm opens for retail in December there will be two beers; the Country Pilsner and the Country Ale. Shortly after, the Country Lager will be available, which has already been available for testing at the Norfolk County Fair last September.

Unfortunately for people not in town, the brewery will only be selling at the Brewery Farm in 6 packs and at licensees in Norfolk County and some select GTA locations. But like any good beer, they will become more and more available, eventually being able to see the nearest place to find a Ramblin’ Road beer on their website.

Ramblin’ Road Brewery Farm has a unique view on the brewing process and on beer itself. After following them on Twitter, @RamblinRoadBeer, it’s fun to see how excited people are about the opening of the Brewery. With the two starting brews and a third to follow shortly, they will be brewing seasonal and special beers in the near future as well. This start-up brewery is paving its way into the brewing world, and we’re excited to review their first beers!

(photo credits: Blade Creative Branding)

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