I did the Puyallup at The Powerhouse Brewery

By: Chasse Gunter

What would land a fella like me in Puyallup you may be wondering? Especially since it is not the season to “do the Puyallup” at the Washington State Fair—formerly the Puyallup Fair—formerly a Japanese Internment camp. I was here because the further you get from a city like Seattle, the cheaper you can get a car tune up. While leaving the car repair place, on foot, I would not have been surprised to stumble across a record breaking pumpkin or that scary dread-locked America’s Most Wanted felon—but a microbrewery? There it was, illuminated by a neon lighting bolt. If I was going to “do” the Puyallup, I might as well do it at the Powerhouse Brewery. A forty something construction worker with a lip bulging with chew regaled me of his high school days throwing rocks through those windows when this was just an abandoned power house. The windows are fixed now, and the building restored. Some sort of electricity producing ray zaps on the wall. You can read a pretty awesome history lesson and description of whatever that Tesla coil-y thing is on their website http://powerhousebrewpub.com/history/


First Impression: 
I chose the less complicated and risque Amperage Amber, for it’s apt description as: “copper colored and medium bodied with smooth and subtle hops.” This beer would serve as an appropriate contrast to the extremely blonde and once bubbly waitresses. Okay, they were very nice. I just had to make that joke because literally every bartender was a twenty something year old blonde girl.

Pour: Very beautiful copper red color. Nearly headless. See picture. 

Taste: The very brightly lit menu had the basic description spot on. Aside from that, there was no detectable smell and no flavors stood out to me. I continued to swish it around and, while pleased to find none of that sort of sour coating I notice in red ales sometimes, but this only meant that it was drinkable. It was not refreshing but it went down easy. Does that make sense? The hops were subtle. The whole beer was subtle.

Final Impression: I wouldn’t call in unfair, but possibly just laziness on my part: but I’d suggest the Big Red IPA or the Peach Tea Saision. Yes, I tried them all after finding out it was $2.50 Tuesday. I drank them but did not review them, because I had alcohol-induced writers block and accidentally made several friends. I would personally suggest making the trip out to Powerhouse Brewery. See what crazy new beer is being brewed up. Scope the food. Try not to stare at the supermodel servers. And if it’s Tuesday and you need a car tune up, you really have no excuses now do you?

ABV: 5.8%
PS: If you reside in Puyallup or any of it’s minor surrounding islands and are reading this and happen to brew beer, steal this idea: “worlds largest pumpkin ale.” Who wouldn’t want to drink a world record? 

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PowerHouse Brewery Amperage Amber