Painting….With Beer!

By: Katie Schroepfer

beercolorsbird2Beer paintings! What’s better than paintings made out of beer? Umm, nothing really. It’s perfect for beer and art enthusiasts. It’s also a weird (a good weird) concept, one that I haven’t heard of being done before. So I had the pleasure of chatting with the creator of Beer Colors, a nice fellow who’s just doing something that he loves doing after retiring from a long period of being an attorney.

Okay, you can’t blame a guy for going from being an attorney to being a beer painter. It sounds like a great lifestyle, in my opinion. It’s entertaining, unique and he enjoys it, so why not? Ron Pomeroy thinks it’s not a bad idea, and neither do I.

So how does he do it?! Well, it started out with him just painting with regular watercolors. Then one day he ran out of water to mix with the paint so he turned to the beer in his hand. He added some beer and there you have it, the beginning of the many beer paintings that he has created and will continue to create, and the beginning of Beer Colors.


Ron prefers lagers rather than stouts because they work out better in the paintings and he can get the right type of color that he’s looking for. His favorite beer to paint with is from Kona Brewery. Not only is it great to work with for painting but it’s also one of his favorite beers to drink and it comes from one of his favorite places to visit. Sounds like a perfect match.

Pomeroy has an excellent website,, where he displays his paintings that are up for sale. I can’t pick a favorite, because each one is individually great, but I know that one day I will own a Beer Colors painting.

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