Old Chicago Sticks Out With Their World Beer Tour

world beer tour


Old Chicago has locations all over the states, being popular for its pizza and 110 choices of beer. They’re fully allowed to boast about their World Beer Tour featuring the 110 brews and frequent mini tours.

Many places have beer tours that anyone can partake in but they usually cost a couple dollars or more. That’s what makes Old Chicago more enticing, their tour is free to you and for your first tour they give you little rewards for doing the tour. Every Old Chicago restaurant has its own rewards so they vary, which makes it fun because you can go to any Old Chicago and continue your beer tour.

Once you finish a mini tour you get a cool t-shirt to show off your love of beer. Other prizes that you can get during the tour vary from a deck of cards, t-shirts, baseball cap, travel mug and other useful things sporting the Old Chicago World Beer Tour logo. After finishing all 110 beers, you get your name emblazoned on The Famous Hall of Foam forever in which you can brag to all of your friends about how you finished 110 different kinds of beer. Of course, you can only drink four beers a day to count towards the tour and you can do as many tours as you’d like.

There has been people that have done over 30 tours and one guy in Fargo, North Dakota has even done 100 World Beer Tours. Now that’s a lot of beer for one guy to drink.

So you can go to any Old Chicago for the tour and you get to travel the world by having many different country’s brews. If you know that there’s a beer out there that you just can’t stand, that’s okay. Their beers rotate frequently so you can avoid those nasty lagers, stouts, porters or pale ales to your liking. However, one of the best things of the tour is that you can discover new beers and you never drink the same beer twice.

Speaking of which, how often does anyone go out and buy different beers just to try? Usually, you’ll stick to a few choices that you know you like, but at Old Chicago if you have the same beer twice it won’t count towards the tour. It opens your eyes to so many more options of beers and keeps you wondering what you should have next.

This month Old Chicago is currently doing a mini tour featuring eight craft beers. Each restaurant has eight craft beers to drink during the mini tour, featuring a good variety of crafts from all over the place and if you are able to go to a different restaurant then you’ll get an even bigger variety of beer to try.

There is also World Beer Tour Wednesday in which tour members can get special offers. So really, you can’t afford not to do the World Beer Tour because of everything that you’d miss out on. The servers are always fun to chat with and the atmosphere is always really laid back, making it a great place to go for a few beers with some friends during the week to get away from the hassles of everyday life.

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