Odell’s Celastrina

By: Katie Schroepfer

I was really excited for this beer. I’m one who likes to celebrate good causes, and when beer is involved, I want to be involved as well. Odell released a beer under their Cellar Series called Celastrina. Celastrina is a butterfly that lives along the Front Range in Colorado. It is a rare species that can be found around wild hop plants. The Celastrina Saison was created to help this rare butterfly, with one dollar of each bottle going to the Colorado Natural Heritage Program.

celastrina beer

First Impression: The bottle is fantastic. Celastrina can also be known as Hops Blue, and the bottle shows a beautiful butterfly. It comes in a bomber, as it is limited edition, and is easy to spot next to all of the other bombers in the store.

Pour: The head lasts quite awhile and is thick, providing a great aroma with it. The beer is an amber/gold color that is a bit cloudy.

Taste: The first taste that I caught was banana, which makes sense since there are banana and clove-like flavors that Odell hoped to have included. As a saison fan, this is a beer that I could drink all day long. There is also a citrus flavor in it, although it is more in the smell than the actual taste of the beer.

Grade: A

ABV: 7.5%

IBU: ?


Odells's Celastrina