Odd 13 Brewing Co. Eric the Red

By: Colleen Kelly

Odd 13 Brewing is what I would dotingly describe as a “hidden gem.” Paradoxically both

unseen to the unassuming observer and nestled in the heart of Old Town Lafayette,

Odd 13 boasts some of the most diverse and unique beers I’ve had the pleasure of

tasting. On this particular occasion I chose to dive into an Eric the Red.

Odd 13 Brewing

First impression: It wouldn’t be right to describe a visit to Odd 13 without mentioning the

love child of anime and comic book art adorning the walls. Each beer has its own

unique “personification.” Fans of “keeping it all in the family,” the owners of Odd 13

recruited a close friend, Jesse Glenn, to create the Eric the Red piece. Eric the Red

himself is a revered friend as well, described by “Tap Room Czar” Lance Lagerquist

as, “a really white guy who gets sunburned easily.” Couple these close family ties with

a bold new canning operation and you have an insight into Odd 13’s unique take on



Pour: The pour from the tap is fluid; the red color cascades down into the bell shaped glass

finishing off with a nice head. The aroma is pine-like and malty and does a nice job of

predicting the beer’s flavor and style.


Taste: The Eric the Red is a smooth, medium-dark beer perfect for a meal without

being the meal itself. This beer has the lightness and smoothness of an IPA without the

proverbial punch in the face reminiscent of most IPAs. Drinking a pint of the Red takes

me back to my childhood, innocently yet slyly taking a swig of my dad’s Killian’s Irish

Red and wishing that it tasted like the beer I’m drinking now, about 20 years later. Eric

the Red is bold without the bite, flavorful without being filling and invigorating without

the “over-the-top” nature of some craft brews.


Grade: A. The welcoming taste, relative lightness and ease of drinking make this beer perfect

for both an indoor winter beverage next to the fireplace or a cooling summer drink on

the patio. Drink too many, however, and you’ll find yourself taking a nap in the grass

instead. Enjoy sparingly.


IBU: 78

ABV: 7.1%

Odd 13 Eric the Red