Obama’s Brewin Beer

Finally, America has a president that enjoys his beer. So much so that he is the first president to have a brewery in the White House. It started off as a rumor, but soon enough it was proven that he condones the brewing of beer in his home.

Not only does the White House brew beer but they have also their first ever beehive to give their beer a rich, flavorful aroma, without making it too sweet. Obama was inspired by home brewers across the country and soon created the White House Honey Brown Ale.

They have also brewed a Honey Porter and a Honey Blonde for the summer. Taking advice from a local brewmaster, the bee keeper and from a couple of home brewers that work in the White House, Obama now has a few helping hands to brew a beer that they weren’t sure would even turn out. Of course it did and now everybody wants to try some.

The “official” White House cellar houses the beers while they’re being fermented, keeping it locked. After watching a video provided by The White House Blog, it’s hard to say that President Obama plays much of a role in the brewing part.

Unfortunately, the brewers haven’t brewed enough to share with America. Maybe in the future we will be able to go to a bar and order a White House Honey Ale.

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