NODA Brewing Company Hop Drop ‘N Roll IPA

By: Ben Dofflemyer


First Impression: I’ve heard a lot of hype about this IPA, people go as far as to say

that it ranks up there with the likes of Pliny the Elder by Russian River and Heady

Topper by Alchemist. I have personally been leaning away from IPAs, which were

my gateway craft beer, but every once in a while I still get a craving for hops, and

tonight was one of those times. With five different strains of hops, added in 10

separate additions, this easily convinced me.


Pour: Out of a can, thankfully a full pint, and also, just like a certain iconic

IPA from Vermont, comes in a four pack. Pours an amber or copper hue, darker

than I expected, with a medium head that lasts.


Aroma: The first sniff is loaded with hops, but it’s hard to tell which of the five

varieties comes through the most prominently. It’s not only strong, but also

complex, mainly an earthy, floral aroma, but also some citrus and spicy notes.


Taste: The first thing that hits you is, of course, the strong hop flavor. Citra,

Amarillo, Centennial, Warrior, and Chinook hops create an awesome blend of floral,

citrusy, and earthy notes. There is still a strong, complex malt base that blends well

with it, but doesn’t take away from the primary hop flavors. I think the one thing it

has in common with the “best” IPAs out there, is it’s incredible smoothness despite

packing a serious hop punch. It doesn’t demolish your palate, even though it smells

like it should. Even after an entire 16 oz can I don’t feel the strong aftertaste that a

heavy IPA usually does.



Final Impression: It’s IPAs like this that keep me faithful to the style. Lately I feel I

come across more “hop bombs” rather than well-blended, drinkable beers with hops

as the primary flavoring. This one definitely ranks as one of my favorite IPAs, it has

everything that those others boast, but may have achieved a better balance of

complex and flavorful hops and incredibly smooth drinkability.


Grade: A

ABV: 7.2%

IBU: 81

Noda Brewing Hop Drop N Roll IPA