New Glarus Brewing Co. Moon Man

By: Elin A.

Let’s talk about Wisconsin. Beer, that is. Wisconsin beer. Not like, state history or anything, though that may make its way into some of my posts on occasion, given the state’s notoriously German, notoriously beer-soaked heritage. I swear, it seems like every one of my friends who grew up in Wisconsin has at least one tale of drinking an entire six-pack when they were twelve, learning how to drive the pickup truck with the ol’ man. Basically, life in Wisconsin is like one big, ongoing kegger.

Anyways, bring up craft beer with any Wisconsinite and the conversation will inevitably turn to New Glarus Brewing Company, and rightfully so. While the brewery’s entire list of offerings is solid, there are a few stand-outs that make the elusive New Glarus beers (they only distribute in Wisconsin) somewhat of a holy grail to craft brew seekers. The darling of the bunch is Spotted Cow, which is available in every single bar I’ve ever been to in the state, and has a nation-wide reputation as “the beer you have to drink if you go to Wisconsin.” However, it’s New Glarus’s Moon Man, their “No Coast Pale Ale,” that deserves that distinction here among friends. Seriously, if you ever go to Wisconsin, find this perfect specimen of an APA, crack it open, and drink it. You will not regret it. (Another piece of advice: try it before you leave the state, so you can go back to the liquor store to buy more before it’s too late).

new-glarus-moon-man First impression: After reading New Glarus’s description of Moon Man from the label, I feel like a  badass for choosing this beer.

 Pour: Bright, clear and golden, with a nice, fluffy head. Also, holy hop nose! Moon Man has 5 different hop  varieties; right off the bat you’re hit with a fresh hop aroma. It smells and looks like a perfect summer day.

 Taste: Upon first taste, you may not realize the gem you’re holding. With each drink, though, it gets  better and better. Moon Man is distinctly hoppy, but it’s a crisp, clean hop flavor – not sticky or bitter –    and the heavy hops are perfectly balanced out with the decidedly grapefruity citrus notes and nearly      undistinguishable bready sweetness. Perfectly balanced. Utterly drinkable.

This is my favorite beer. Hands down. Maybe I’m simple, maybe I’m biased, but I would do nearly anything for a Moon Man.

Grade: A+

ABV: 5%

IBUs: 30-40?

New Glarus Brewing Co. Moon Man Pale Ale