Marble Brewery’s Wildflower Wheat

craft beer

Wildflower Wheat Beer sounds like it could just have a strong aroma of a big open field filled with wildflowers. However, there is more to this beer than a field of wildflowers. It actually doesn’t have as much of an aroma as the name would make you think, but the flavor is impeccable.

This wildflower wheat beer is an unfiltered, American-style wheat ale brewed in small batches using local wildflower honey. It has a 5.2% ABV and a mouthful of honey that makes you forget you’re even drinking a beer.

Marble Brewing, in Albuquerque, NM opened in 2008 and has a line of seven house beers and a variety of seasonal styles. Self-distributors, they make sure that the quality of the beer is never less than they would ever want from a beer.

Go out and find some Marble Brewing Wildflower Wheat Beer. With this beer, your summer will never come to an end.

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