Craft Beer That Tasted Uncrafty

I honestly did not want to review the breweries that we visited in Bar Harbor, ME. This blog reviews craft beer, and for that matter, good craft beer. The beer we tasted in Bar Harbor was quite poor in taste, to say the least. But, I got a suggestion from a CBC reader that we are too positive and should review all the beer we have, not just the good ones. Being that we like suggestions, we will take it, and review some bad beer.

The first brewery we visited was Bar Harbor Brewing Company. This was an interesting brewery, being that it was a store on a busy tourist area in the heart of town. We tasted a few of their beers. We had the Thunder Hole Ale, Cadillac Mountain Stout, and Harbor Lighthouse Ale. All of their beers are named after landmarks in nearby Acadia National Park. All of the beers lacked the same thing. Taste. I am not exactly sure what specifically it was, but they tasted as if they were skimping on something. If you were baking a cake and put in 2 eggs instead of 3, and 1/2 cup of sugar instead of 2, it would taste awful. Well, that’s how we felt after drinking the water-like beer of Bar Harbor Brewing Company.

The 2nd brewery visited was the Atlantic Brewing Company. This brewery was small, but unlike the previous brewery, it looked and smelled like a real brewery. Malt and hops were in the air. We were hoping their beer would be great and we would quickly forget about our bad experience earlier in the day. We were wrong, and we found that out pretty quick. There was a tour group finishing just as we walked in the brewery, and we joined up with them in the tasting room. We tried: Bar Harbor Real Ale, Coal Porter and the Summer Ale. Gross. We could have sworn that they were all watered down. I don’t want to mention any names of such breweries on this blog (that would go against our rule of not mentioning any breweries that use rice), but their beer tasted like it was brewed in St. Louis. Yes, it tasted like “The king of beers”. That is definitely not a compliment.

The one good thing both of these breweries have going for them, is that they are located in a gorgeous part of the country. Maine in general, but especially Acadia, is a great place to visit. That being said, when you take your next vacation to Maine, don’t forget to bring your own beer along with you.

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