Madison River Brewing Co. Salmon Fly Honey Rye

By: Rachel Anderson

Different activities bring friends and family together, and drinking beer has become
a pastime for many. However, finding a beer that everyone enjoys can be a difficult
task. There’s everyone from the uncle who only drinks Bud Light to the craft beer
enthusiast like you!

A light-balanced flavorful beer. Do they exist?

Salmon Fly Honey Rye

First Impression: With a name like Salmon Fly Honey Rye, this beer was a hard one
to pass up! It sounds incredibly refreshing. And, coming from Madison River Brewing in Belgrade, Mont., its fly fishing logo seems to authenticate a slight
level of relaxation too.

Pour: Pouring the beer exposed a golden hue of color into the pint glass. A tiny bit of
head appears but quickly diminishes away. This beer has the faintest hint of

Taste: Salmon Fly Honey Rye hits your lips with a well-balanced lightness. It
highlights subtle flavor characteristics of smoothness that fulfill the palette without
shocking the taste buds, finishing with a hint of slight honey sweetness. The taste
lingers almost perfectly.

Drinking it alone, it wouldn’t be a beer lover’s first choice. But, it’s a great beer for
everyone to enjoy. It won’t push you to the limits, yet it will quench your thirst for
craft beer.

Grade: B+

ABV: 5.6 %

IBU: 23

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Salmon Fly Honey Rye