Lagunitas Brewing Co. Little Sumpin Sumpin Ale

Lagunitas Little Sumpin Sumpin


By: Yelena Keselman

It may be that I am still reminiscing Las Fiestas (An annual celebration of Old Spanish Days by the Santa Barbara Community, also known as central coasts biggest party of the year), but I absolutely had to have myself a Mexican food night. I embarked on my first attempt at homemade ceviche with some locally caught shrimp and scallops. I felt appropriate to pair it with one of my favorites from Lagunita’s Brewing Company. OK so this American Style Wheat isn’t exactly made in Mehico but for those of you who haven’t yet tried it, please do yourself a favor and get the Lagunita’s Little Sumpin Sumpin on your next beer run. I guarantee you will not be disappointed. Currently calling Petaluma home, Lagunita’s Brewing Company has been shelling out delicious beer in California since 1993.

little sumpin sumpin ale

First Impression:  I love the label, which emits a fun and playful nature. The pin up girl makes for an alluring accent. I am also a huge sucker for dogs, and their trademark terrier dons every bottle. The story behind the image is that it is actually inspired by “Petey” the dog from “The Little Rascals”. Classic!

Pour: This beer pours a copper penny color and instantaneously emits the strong smell of wheat. The body is light and is topped by a heavy heaping of foam with a Marshmallow consistency. The head is slow to dissolve and encompasses my mug with a sticky web like pattern.

Taste: Strong hop initially with a crisp finish. This beer tastes piney with a hint of sweet, orange flavor.  It is a versatile beer and can be a savory treat no matter what your pre-dispositions may be. It is light enough for those that like the more delicate taste yet contains an initial punch to the palate that will satisfy IPA drinkers as well. Definitely one my top ten!

Grade: A

ABV: 7.5%