Limited Release Beer Guys Make Drinking Beer More Fun

By: Katie Schroepfer

So there are a couple of guys out there making beer drinking even more exciting than it already is. They’re out there searching for limited released beers, going to their limited release parties, and getting these limited released beers. What more, they’re drinking them and along the whole journey they’re video taping themselves.


Two guys, Rob and Ron, head this operation of finding great beers to try and they video tape themselves doing it. The videos are entertaining, too. They show the whole process, from start to finish. What the beer is, where it is, who’s going to get it, how, etc. It’s a great little gig they have going on. They’ve picked up a few extra guys to help along the way, most of them residing in Minnesota.

The whole idea started a year and a half ago, when Rob was out with some friends. He had the brilliant idea of discovering these limited release beers and would venture to them. He brought up the idea to travel around, taping release parties, to his friend Ron and that was the beginning of Limited Release Beer.

They just came out with their third video, a Minnesota brewery called Surly, with their release of Darkness. I’m not going to spoil the video for you, but I can tell you that it makes me want to head to Minnesota for this good Surly brew.

Their hopes for this coming year is to do another eight episodes. They would love to go to Europe some time, check out the famous Oktoberfest and Mikeler in Denmark. First, they’ll make themselves well known in America, though.

All they want to do is hunt for beers that are hard to find and great to get. They will have another video mid-January of Black Tuesday. Many of you might know of Kate the Great and how they are no longer… but good news, they might have a Kate the Great Funeral Day! Expect the crew of Limited Release to be at that party.

These guys will have these videos flowing pretty smoothly with their talent and their excitement about limited release beers. Follow their videos at and make sure to follow them on Twitter and Facebook too!

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