Left Hand Brewing Good JuJu

Left Hand Good JuJu


By: Craft Beer Deer

I had the good fortune of spending some time in beautiful Colorado recently. Between the natural beauty of the state, and the amount of amazing beer that can be found there, the state of Colorado might be seeing a lot more of the Craft Beer Deer in the near future.

left hand brewery

One of the more interesting breweries I got to visit was Left Hand Brewing Co. Being from the east coast, I had never heard of Left Hand before, and to be honest, I am unsure if they even bottle any beer (cue angry Coloradan shouting angrily that they’ve been bottling since ’97). I got a nice tour of the brewery and made my way to the tasting area. The one beer that stood out (understatement to say the least), was Good JuJu.

good_jujuFirst Impression: I drank this from the tap and the first thing that I noticed was the smell. The ginger scent was overpowering my nasal passages to the point of no return. My mind was telling me I was at a sushi joint, but my eyes were telling me I was staring down one of the strangest beers I have ever encountered.

Pour: I honestly don’t remember the pour. It was probably excellent though.

Taste: Ginger. Lots of ginger. Not being a fan of ginger, I did not enjoy this beer. If you like ginger, you will probably love this beer. The ginger was so overpowering, I wasn’t able to finish the beer. The amount of times I said ginger in this paragraph is a direct reflection of the strong ginger taste in this beer.

Grade: C-

ABV: 4.5%

IBU:  20