Kingdom Brewing Staggering Angus

By: Beer Baron PA

The first beer I have decided to review from Kingdom Brewing is their Staggering Angus. Kingdom Brewing has a very interesting story surrounding their farm, (that’s right- farm,) and visiting their brewery was quite the adventure. Be sure to check back to read about it. In any case, In front of me now is a K.B. Growler that I intend to finish off in a couple of minutes. We sampled several beers from their warm and cozy tasting room and all of their beers were quite eclectic, this one the most unique. My experience there will surely be unparalleled for years to come. Their Staggering Angus was influenced by the Black Angus cattle they keep on their farm. Guess what they feed them- spent grains, yeast and hops. Way to keep things green Kingdom Brewery! Jennifer Cook, co-owner, introduced me to the beer this way, “After you’ve enjoyed a pint of it, it’s very sneaky, so it feels like you’ve been kicked by a black angus. It catches up with you.” With that being said, this is a spruce beer, so among some of the spruce I’ve had… It sure beats many.

kingdom brewing

First Impression: So this beer is a double black spruce IPA and it is very dark. It sports a soft head that foams with the pour and quickly squints back into the beer. The aroma immediately tells you this is a very different sort of brew. In fact, the spruce is very evident. Pine wafts up with an aroma of freshly grated orange peel. What I smell is the spruce harvested on location at +700 ft in elevation. After a growler full… it sure caught up with me.

Pour: The pour is very dark with a hue of deep garnet. A full glass is almost ebony. The head comes up and quickly comes down into the beer with a coast of foam that hugs along the edges of the glass. Strong orange and pine lift from the glass as soon as it settles.

Taste: Imagine a pile of oranges. Bitter spruce complements some of the sweet and tart of the orange taste. Roasted malts are definitely distinct in the brew, bringing everything together in a creamy light to medium bodied beer. There is a little bit of astringency that comes with the orange peel taste. The alcohol is masked with some sweetness and the esoteric beer comes together in an unforgettably quirky combination.

Grade: B

ABV: 8.0%

IBU: Undetermined




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Kingdom Staggering Angus