Iron Fist Brewing Co. Renegade Blonde Ale

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Iron Fist Renegade Blonde Ale


By: Jillian Keller

Iron_Fist_Renegade_BlondeFirst Impression: Loading this pint bottle onto the counter at the grocery store made me feel like a harley-ridin’, fight-startin’ bad ass. This label is hard core.  Reminiscent of a war propaganda poster, the massive black and white fist sits in front of industrial buildings which appear to emit wheat through the smoke stacks.

Pour: The head was thick, aromatic, and it dissipated slowly. The color was a golden yellow, nearly orange, and was cloudy from the barley.

Taste: Light.  Anyone who traditionally sticks to pilsners, hefeweizens and other lagers would enjoy this beer.  Like a nuanced version of PBR, the Renegrade Blonde has a citrus and clove flavor that reminds you it’s an ale, however the taste is mild, wheaty, and short.  The color is deceptively dark while the taste is light and fruity. The beer is well balanced but lacks the punch that I first expected from Iron Fist Brewing Co.  I would choose this beer over other mild lagers like Rolling Rock but have had more refreshing beers in this category.  Biased towards porters and stouts, I would rank this beer low on my list of favorites. Others who appreciate lighter beers would like the balance and freshness that this ale offers. Although, their motto, “Rule your taste with an iron fist,” made me wish I had bought something bolder.

Grade: B (as in its beer, but nothing too special)

ABV: 5.2%

IBU: ?