Holy Mountain brewery will blow your mind! Sorry I gave away the ending.

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Holy Mountain Brewery


By: Chasse Gunter

Do you believe in anything? Whether it be fate, or god, or love, karma, or causality, or in ninkasi (the beer god, not the brewery). I’ll keep the question broad as to not offend my atheist or Christian or Satanist or agnostic or shut-up-I’m-just-trying-to-drink reading and drinking audience. All that really matters is that you believe in good beer; and it is this shared faith which helps erecting beautiful temples to house these beers (aka brew pubs).
Anyhow, the point of my long walk for a short drink of beer is this: I do believe fate brought me to Holy Mountain Brewery. And I mean fate in a positive way—because destiny is too big a word and kismet is too flowery. Maybe I’ll coin a term for beer-fate. Anyways, I had never heard of this place. It never heard of me. No one I knew had heard of it. Maybe this is the foundational appeal of all those cults who are too edgy to advertise—but somehow are packed every whatever day cults meet. But if Holy mountain made a kool-aid, I can guarantee it would be amazing. But then they wouldn’t be a brewery. This brewery was adequately packed for having only opened last January. Maybe because if all the reasons I’m about to mention.


First Impression: According to my notes: My drinking pal and I tried almost everything on the menu. Even their Saison was to die for: “the Goat.” I only say even because we all have our least favorite craft beers, and for whatever reason, that’s mine. (So basically I’m saying, my least favorite was still knocked my socks off).

Pour: Friendly staff served up many full bodied and delicious beverages in a taproom which was both spacious–but cozy, and edgy but simple. Oh god, I went from religious to yelp-y. Sorry, I haven’t fallen in love with anything for a while. “The Ox” is a real pretty orange/ copper color. Pleasant to smell and look at.

Taste: It had a pronounced citrus zest taste and soft mouthfeel. The zest takes the hoppy edge off for a medium body which marry nicely for an easy sipper that sneaks up on you.

Final Impression: Well I loved enough to get tongue-tied there at the end. And for most of the beginning. Obviously I loved the Ox! As well as the rotators and all the other well-crafted brews this place had to offer. By some railroad tracks and an animal shelter, Holy Mountain is a little off the beaten path—and so worth the adventure. Actually it’s not off the beaten path. But I forgot how to delete things. Check this place out. It has my full flabbergasted stamp of approval. Maybe buy a shirt too.

Grade: A

ABV: 6%

IBU: ?