Green Flash Double Stout

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Green Flash Double Stout


By: Yelena Keselman

For me, the most unmistakably magical part of the day is dusk. A time when the world morphs into its alter ego, as the early risers wind down and the night crawlers step into their element. The warm and reliable aura of the sun starts to fade, turning the sky into a kaleidoscope of red and orange. As the day comes to a close and the sun reaches its inevitable horizon it sends one last message to the world through the form of an eerie green light. This “green flash” generally lasts no more than a few seconds but its distinct color leaves a memorable feeling of wonder for curious onlookers. I can’t think of anything better than to toast such a day’s passing with the savory satisfaction of a gourmet beer.


In celebration of this glorious phenomenon, Green Flash Brewing Company has been pouring exceptionally powerful ales in the San Diego Area since 2004. Their collection includes varieties such as “ The Palate Wrecker Hamilton Ale” and “ Le Freak” which is a Belgian Trippel and an American Imperial IPA mutation. Those looking for some unconventional flavor should really check them out as they have a lot of so called “ Hybrid” brews, fusing different flavors and styles. They take magnitude to a whole new level with their beers averaging around 9% ABV. For this particularly potent tasting experience I decided to go with something I wouldn’t normally choose, their Double Stout Black Ale.

Green Flash Double Stout label SFirst Impression: The label represents the bottle’s namesake, the sun hovering over a tropical beach sprawling with palm trees. A little glimpse into Southern Californian paradise, aka our backyard. There’s a custom green flash logo engraved into the bottle that adds a nice personal flare.

Pour: The beer pours thick, and black. It’s topped by a thin and condensed tan colored head. I love the lack of carbonation with stouts and although they are heavy, the reduced gas makes them easy to sample.

Taste: This beer itself is complex in taste; it lingers on the pallet long after you are through. With its bitter chocolate flavor and hint of roasted mocha, its nowhere near as sweet as i expected. It’s still questionable though whether one can really have more than one or two without feeling overwhelmed by the combination of rich flavor and high alcohol. I would describe it as a good “Bedtime Beer”, but wouldn’t incorporate it into any serous daytime commitments. Like I said I am not an avid stout drinker and I was a bit put off by the straightforward presence of alcohol in this brew. I like the generally light nature of drinking beer, so I’d rather ease into an inebriated state with something less potent. I do credit Green Flash for their ability to combine different flavors, but would probably choose another one of their ales the next time around.

 Grade: B

ABV: 8.8%

IBU: 45?