Beehive Basin Brewery Green Bridge IPA

By: Rachel Anderson

As the seasons begin to change in the Rocky Mountains, local beer lovers’ palettes
adapt to the warmer temperatures. The snow is melting off the peaks and the rivers
are raging with whitewater rapids and fly fisherman casting their lines; it’s the time
of year for lighter full-flavored beers. IPAs offer just that.

For those who steer clear of the watered down domestic lagers or pilsners, IPAs are
a complex and vigorous summertime beer choice. Hoppy in style, Indian pale ales
offer a refreshing taste with bit of complexity.


First Impression: As an iconic summertime activity, jumping off a bridge brings
back memories of living the good life. A time of freedom, inspiration, and little worry
in the world. A perfect name for a beer that does the same.

Pour: As the handmade wooden tap handle is pulled, the golden fountain of IPA
pours down into the pint glass. The head of the beer sits about an inch or less on top.
The unfiltered beer presents a bit of cloudiness, which is always a good sign.
The taproom is nestled in a small mountain town. Offering a pristine view of Lone
Mountain, Beehive Basin Brewery is filled with blend of ski bum locals and out-of-

Taste: If you’re a hop lover, it’s hard not to gravitate towards your staple craft IPA.
Green Bridge fills the flavor profile for hop enthusiasts. With a slight citrus hint, it
provides a refreshing balance of bitterness with aromatic highlights. Medium
bodied, the taste quenches thirst perfectly on a hot summer day, or year-round for
that matter!

Grade: A

ABV: 6.4%

IBU: 67

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Green Bridge IPA