Great Divide Hibernation Ale

By: Katie Schroepfer

First Impression: The bottle is nice, crisp and the blue brings out the copy very well. Another label that just yells out Colorado on it with the skier and mountains in the background. Great Divide has always been a favorite of mine, so it was fun to try a seasonal of theirs. Just to verify, it was the English style old ale that I had, not to be confused with their barrel aged Hibernation Ale. Look for the blue label!

Pour: This beer is definitely lighter than some of the seasonal beers I’ve tried. It has a nice amber color to it, with a strong head to go alongside it.

Taste: Honestly, when I first tried this beer I didn’t like it. I wasn’t even going to review it. However, I had a six pack to drink…and after a few I decided that it was worth a review. It’s different than the others, it has a maltier taste that had a different hop flavor than I was hoping it would have. Still, a good beer nonetheless.

Grade: B-

ABV: 8.7%

IBU: ?

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