GoodLife Brewing Company’s Redside India Red Ale

Burlington, like a lot of other small-sized, university-centric American cities, attracts and cultivates a sort of slovenly haute couture. From boutique pizza joints to designer flannel, Burlington is a stylish slophouse for America’s over-educated class. Speaking personally, I can tolerate this culture, but only in little doses and not for long. This is why I seek out greasy spoons and alcoves for alcoholics. I drank two glasses of GoodLife Brewing Company’s Redside India Red Ale in a former dingy hellhole that only recently got a facelift. Even though the woodwork is better and the menu seems a little fancier, this bar still attracts a certain type of clientele. During my dinner (which was a splendid bacon cheeseburger with no skimping on the requisite lettuce, onions, and tomatoes), I couldn’t help but to overhear the guy sitting next to me as he tried to woo a girl with tales from his days in prison. Apparently, he once was almost kicked in the brain due to his excessive snoring.

redside_india_red_aleFirst Impression: Since it was served via a tap, I didn’t get a chance to observe the label. The one I found on GoodLife Brewing Company’s website is very pleasing to the eye though, and its red, white, and blue image of a pipe-smoking fisherman bespeaks of a slower America, one with a love for the little things in life. Back at the bar, my Redside India Red Ale was served in a tulip-shaped, stemmed glass of the type that is most often associated with the flavorful and fruity beers from Belgium.
Pour: The Redside India Red Ale has a deep red coloring, with a head that is thick but not terribly deep. After each sip, a considerable amount of foam residue clings to the glass, thus letting a drinker know that they are imbibing a rich libation. The pour itself doesn’t scream out as anything exciting, but given the confines of the tulip-shaped glass, the deep red hue of the beer is noticeable, especially as it fills to the brim.
Taste: Like a lot of West Coast brews, the Redside India Red Ale is smooth and subtle without being flavorless. It has the hoppy bite of an IPA without the strong aftertaste, plus, being an ale, it slides right down the throat like a refreshing beer should. Everything about this beer is quiet: from the taste to aroma, Oregon’s own Redside India Red Ale is a pleasurable beer that should appeal to drinkers from across the spectrum of taste.

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Good Life India Red Ale