Oskar Blues G’Knight Red Ale

By: Craft Beer Deer

gknight imperial red aleFirst Impression: As with all beers from Oskar Blues, this Imperial Red comes in a can. The name, not the design, is what caught my attention and led me to purchase this beer from Longmont, CO.

Pour: G’Knight pours a reddish-burgundy, a color that is eerily similar to the Redskins burgundy logo. The head was pretty thick and it stuck around for awhile. A sweet and hoppy aroma accompanied the pour.

Taste: G’Knight would fall somewhere between a Red Ale and an IPA. This beer definitely hides its high alcohol and hop content very well with a nice balance of sweet, malty tastes. If you generally shy away from “knockout”, bitter IPA’s, but are looking for something equally strong, grab a G’Knight Imperial Red and enjoy it with pizza or a burger!

Grade: A-

ABV: 8.7%

IBU: 60

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Oskar Blues G'Knight Red Ale