Firestone Walker Solace

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Firestone Walker Summer Solace


By: Yelena Keselman

Summer solstice (the longest day of the year) is Mother Nature’s way to ring in the beginning of an incomparable season. A time to appreciate the endless possibilities that summer has in store. Sun kissed skin, barbeques, and baseball games are gloriously enhanced by the power of an ice-cold refreshment.  Much like the anticipation for this wonderful season comes the arrival of some of the best seasonal craft beers. These limited time favorites become forever engraved into the existence and joyful memories of the season. Firestone Walker Brewing Company honors this occasion with the annual release of their Solace wheat beer. Originating from the San Luis Obispo area (Central Coast of California,) this brewery has certainly earned a credible reputation. I find them consistently reliable in terms of unique variety and great taste

summer solaceFirst Impression: The bottle pops with color, a daisy flower yellow etched into an aqua blue backdrop. Making me think of the ultimate refuge, a cool swimming pool on a scorching hot day. Following Firestone tradition the bottle portrays the boxing bear and lion, two incredibly elegant yet bloodthirsty animals obviously fighting over a brewski.

Pour: The beer itself illuminates the perfect shade of golden yellow. Although light, the head initially comes about thick yet dissolves into a soap-like existence.

Taste: One of the great things about beer is its complexity in flavor. It can initially lead you in one direction and then completely 180 to a different taste altogether. This beer starts out with a strong sweetness and then blasts you with wheat, eventually leaving a light flavor. The good thing about this beer is it doesn’t linger, so no need to hide your beer breath, embrace it. This one is also an ideal choice for camping; it doesn’t leave your stomach gasping for air like many other thicker wheats. Ladies there no shame sporting those bikini bottoms, whether you choose to have one or feel like going in for the long haul!

Grade: A-

ABV: 4.8%

IBU: 13