Fate Brewing Co. (Boulder, CO)

By: Katie Schroepfer

Boulder, Colorado is full of breweries popping up left and right, making it a destination spot for craft beer connoisseurs. We know all about Avery, Boulder Beer, Mountain Sun and the others that have been around for quite awhile. What about a new, upcoming brewery called Fate Brewing?

This Fate Brewing is not to be confused with the Fate Brewing located in Scottsdale, Arizona. The two breweries started their separate Fate Breweries at the same time, to be concise, even the same week. They aren’t related, in fact they didn’t even know the other existed at the time.

So how does this work out with distribution and getting their names out there? Well, the Fate Brewing that I’m talking about, located in Boulder, has their name trademarked, which in the long run might make it easier for them to keep their name above the other brewery. However, the two breweries are now well aware of each other and the founders have met and discussed the situation. It’s easy to say that the two of them get along just fine and have no issues with one another.

But hey, that’s what brewing’s about, right? Making everyone happy, enjoying beer and having a great time.

That’s what Boulder’s Fate Brewing is all about, anyways. The brewery has a crew of happy and innovative people that just want to have a good time while making the best quality beer they can. After spending a beer-length of time with the head brew master and the Sales and Marketing rep, it was easy to see that they mean business about their beer but they’re also full of innovative ideas. They aren’t trying to mask the rest of the other breweries, they’re working with the other breweries. This will only make the craft beer scene in Boulder even better than it already is. Not to mention that the brewery is going to be right on the bus line and on the bike path, making it easy for their drinkers to get home as safe as possible, although having a sober person around is always best.

The brewery isn’t open yet, with a tentative launch date to be sometime in December or early January. I can’t complain about them not having a set date because who wants a brewery to open before they’re ready? Everybody wants quality beer, including their head brewmaster. Their brewery will have 30 taps, five core Fate taps to include an IPA, Kolsch, American Stout, Belgian IPA, German Stout and an Aragon beer. The rest of the taps will consist of local brews. Fate has been collaborating with all of the local breweries to give them a great variety of Boulder craft beer to offer. Not only will their be a great brewery new to town but there will also be a new restaurant for people to try out. From the sounds of it, it’ll be the perfect beer/food place for an afternoon meeting, date night, a beer after work, or for a get together with family and friends.

Inside the brewery is a ten barrel system which gives them the opportunity to brew 2,000 barrels of beer a year. They’ll also include a three barrel nano system for their seasonals and experimental beers and will also have a lambeck program. We’re excited to see what great brews Fate comes out with for the years to come.

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