Evolution Lot 3 IPA

The other day I was given the task to pick out a six pack for a group of professionals. I walked into a bodega hoping they would have the basic low risk/good beer. You know the type of beer that you know you will like but not necessarily enjoy. I reached for Magic Hat No. 9, a beer that has not failed me but has not wowed me, when something out of the corner of my eye caught my attention. Evolution’s No. 3 IPA. I have never had a beer from this brewery in Salisbury Md. before and I was debating if this was the proper time to experiment. After much back and forth I decided to pull the trigger and take the risk and it was well worth it. This IPA has the great hopped taste needed in every good IPA but it doesn’t fill you up after a few ounces. I was able to drink two bottles in one sitting without feeling like I never wanted to eat again. The taste is full and crisp, somewhere between Harpoons IPA and Stone’s IPA with a tint of citrus. So this football season instead of going for the mass advertised light beer (that should not be mentioned on this site) go out and enjoy an Evolution No. 3 IPA.

IBU: 65

ABV: 6.8%

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