Breweries Saving The Environment

Going green is sweeping the nation, the world even, so it’s not a surprise that breweries would pick up on going green as well. How are breweries going green?

Using less water in their beer. Just recently, MillerCoors and Heineken have decided to use less water in their products. About 60 to 180 liters of water is needed to produce one liter of beer, with the ratio typically being 5-to-1.

MillerCoors will change their water-to-beer ratio to 4-to-1 and they will also recycle their water and reduce energy consumption. They aim to save 124.5 million gallons of water. Heineken will be launching a new software system that will analyze performance data.

Alongside with these two breweries, New Belgium has been known for its efforts in being green for awhile now. They also recycle their water, saving gallons every day. New Belgium has also picked up on environmentally-friendly vehicles, supplying their workers and guests with an electric car charger for their electric cars.

Hopworks Urban Brewery, a brewery in Oregon, has taken on green brewing by being Portland’s first ever Eco-Brewpub. They offer handcrafted organic beers and fresh, local ingredients. They also use composts and rain barrels, being 100% renewably powered.

From big to small, it’s nice to know that there’s a variety of breweries providing eco-friendly relief for their beer drinkers. Soon enough breweries all across the nation, and the world, will be eco-friendly.

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