Dogfish Head Indian Brown Ale

dogfish head indian brown aleI would like to start this review with a short story about craft beer, Colorado and Dogfish Head. On a recent trip to Colorado, I happened upon Falling Rock Tap House, which happens to be an excellent place to grab a craft brew. A man wearing an old school Mookie Blaylock jersey approached me at the bar and struck up conversation. He was a fairly knowledgeable craft beer snob and the conversation quickly shifted toward our favorite IPA’s. When I mentioned Dogfish Head 90 Minute, he shot me a confused look. Here was a man who claimed to know the IBU’s of every IPA ever brewed, yet he had never heard of Dogfish Head Brewery? Just shows you how many amazing breweries are in Colorado. The dude probably never drank a beer that wasn’t brewed in the Centennial State. Now to the review…

First Impression: The standard looking Dogfish Head label. I really enjoy the concise description that accompanies the label of each Dogfish brew. I am also really into the feel of the Dogfish Head labels. Alright, enough label talk.

Pour: This beer has an overpowering aroma of caramel. A quite impressive head showed up when this brew was poured and its thickness caused it to hang around for awhile.

Taste: A near perfect balance of sweet brown maltiness, and bitter hoppiness. This brew is so smooth, and even more tasty. A must try!

Grade: A-

ABV: 7.2%

IBU: 50

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Dogfish Head Indian Brown Ale