Craft Beer Boom In England

Despite the Olympics being in London this summer, there is also another craze in England. We’ll call it the Boom of Craft Beer. England has always been known for its pubs and ciders, but with the craft beer industry taking over America, we’re seeing the movement continue on into England.  Changing the way brews have been poured and creating a stir for beer lovers that have always loved their beers warm, England is in the midst of a Craft Beer Revolution.

Brew Dog is a brewery that began in 2007 has been brewing craft beers since they had the idea to change the stuffy ales that make up the English brewing market. Now they have bars in Edinburgh, Glasgow and a flagship London venue in Camden. They have also brewed a beer at the bottom of the ocean, brewed a 55% beer and packed it in road kill making it the worlds most expensive beer ever, and they have dispensed a 28% beer from a modified deer’s head. Brew Dog has done some other crazy stuff to show people what beer can be and they’re just one example of the rise of craft beer in the U.K.

Another brewery that is helping the U.K. change is the London Fields microbrewery. The brewery is located in a warehouse where they use powerfully flavored hops to provide home grown craft beers. They have all the beers you’d expect to find at a local brewery in the U.S., with a U.K. feel to them.

One Yorkshire brewer has even stepped up to boosting the English hop industry by brewing a beer using 2,012 varieties of hop. The beer is named Top of the Hops 2012 with a 4.5% ABV. Unfortunately, the beer probably isn’t sold in the U.S.

Restaurants and grocery stores are starting to stock craft beer as well. Stores are becoming more willing to fill their shelves with local brews now, as it’s becoming increasingly common for people to drink local brews than to go out to the pubs for their favorite cider or beer. Although nothing can ever take place of the unique local pubs, fresh beer straight from the brewery might be what changes the U.K. more than the Olympics.

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