Beer Connoisseurs Get New Transportation Services


There is a new way to travel around the breweries without having to worry about the fuzz ruining your buzz. In Fort Collins, the companies that shuttle people to the airport every day, Super Shuttle and Green Ride, have developed a new shuttle system that will take brew fans to their favorite breweries every weekend. The shuttles will launch this Friday. Green Ride will send out the “Hops Brewery Shuttle” and the Super Shuttle will start the “Hops and Shops”.  The shuttles will be running on Friday’s and Saturday’s and will cost $10 per person, but the shuttle will be free this weekend in order for brew fans to try out the new system and spread the word.

With the amount of breweries in and around Fort Collins, Colorado, this is a much needed service that will thrive and bring in new fans of the enormous array of craft beers that Northern Colorado has to offer. According to the owners of the shuttle services, all the breweries around town have signed on, with the exception of Anheuser Busch, CB and Potts.

The way the shuttle works is that it will make a loop around Old Town and make scheduled stops throughout the day. You pay $10 for a wristband that lets you hop from brewery to brewery without having to be on a set schedule and most importantly without having to worry about drinking and driving.  There are many other plans for the shuttle service if this trial run is a success. Rumors are that the service will expand its schedule and set up a phone app for people to reserve spots on the shuttle and check the location of the shuttles. There is also some talk that if this is a success they will start including stops around a few of the more prominent hotels in town.

This is a really exhilarating time for the breweries around northern Colorado to get their beers out and among the public. With the implementation of this shuttle service it will further the idea that Fort Collins is more than just a college town with a few microbreweries, but really the mecca of the ever growing craft brew culture.

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