Atlantic Brewing Co. Cadillac Mountain Stout

By: Benjamin Welton

According to a map recently released by USA Today, everybody’s favorite free hotel newspaper, the wealthiest person in the state of Maine is worth $860 million. That’s rich, but not as rich as Atlantic Brewing Company’s Cadillac Mountain Stout. Named after a photogenic precipice located in the Pine Tree State’s Acadia National Park, this bout of the black stuff is muscular, filling, and comes equipped with a chocolate taste that is sure to make a few wannabe Willy Wonkas happy.

Because the Cadillac Mountain Stout is part of Atlantic Brewing Company’s Small Batch Series, don’t expect to find too many of these lovelies floating around at your local bodega. But, if you are so lucky as to find one of these pint-sized plus bottles, then grab it posthaste. Autumn, glorious autumn, is right around corner (mercifully), so it’s best to be prepared for the colder nights to come. With the Cadillac Mountain Stout, I decided to start early.


First Impression: Simplicity is the key here. Mostly amber and black, a bottle of Cadillac Mountain Stout is underwhelming in comparison to the usual bells and whistles one finds in the craft beer section. Still, knowing that this beer is from Maine, a great beer state, should calm the worries of any prospective buyer. Plus, who can go wrong with a stout?

Pour: A crisp black with a dark beige head, this beer is the very definition of “black and tan.” The Cadillac Mountain Stout bouquet (coffee, chocolate, roasted malt, a hint of dried fruit) is nothing unusual given its style, but the important thing is how well all of these usual suspects come together in one package. Bar Harbor Brewing Company haven’t re-written the book here, but they’ve come close to perfecting a classic.

Taste: Now comes my favorite part. This beer is disarmingly sweet in some ways, especially as the liquid gets lower and lower in the bottle and all the flavors have time to even out. The one complaint is that the carbonation is a tad too heavy and thus adds an unnecessary (and non-tasty) blast of bitterness. Medium-bodied and dry, the Cadillac Mountain Stout presents a midway point between the creamy, dessert quality of Guinness and the rough, crunchy feel of Russian imperial stouts. Raise a glass and give a toast for Maine, for this big-hearted stout is a tribute to that vast stretch of New England wilderness.

Grade: A

ABV: 6.7%

IBU: 36

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Atlantic Brewery Cadillac Mountain Stout