Burial Beer Co. – Asheville, NC

By: Ben Dofflemyer


Asheville, North Carolina can be an overwhelming town for a beer lover visiting this new Mecca of the beer world. There are now 14 breweries in the small but lively downtown area.  One that I have found myself frequenting since moving here is Burial Beer.  Truly the epitome of a micro… scratch that, nano-brewery.  This brewery has been running for a little over a year, and is doing some amazing things, especially considering the size of it.  They provide a very unique experience, as every one of the 6 or 7 beers on tap is a one-barrel batch, guaranteeing a different lineup in the taproom every week.

When visiting Asheville, Burial Beer may not be the first brewery on craft beer fans list of stops, but if you were to start talking to people about the best brews in town, Burial Beer comes up quickly in the conversation.  The frequently changing weekly lineup has a great variety, with a few that return to the lineup often, such as a dark, complex Imperial Stout, a well malted Rye Pale Ale that is dry hopped with different hops from week to week, and an intensely complex Black IPA.   All of their beers are also made from local ingredients like honey, Thai Basil, cocoa nibs, and even local malt, barley, and hops.

As if the regular lineup doesn’t make it hard enough to decide, they have a huge list of specialty brews of every style you can think of, but there’s only one barrel of it, so you’ll have to get there quick!  If you’re lucky, you may even catch a collaboration with other local breweries, since they’re right around the corner.  You’ll have to visit on a weekend, as Burial is only open Thursday – Saturday.

Thankfully, they will be expanding to a 10-barrel brewing system soon, so you’ll finally be able to find Burial Beer at local bars and restaurants, though the employees seem to be more excited about the addition of a new dishwasher. Burial Beer should be near the top of your list of places to visit whenever you do plan that craft beer getaway, and be sure to get a flight when you do, everything is worth trying.  Cheers!


My Flight of Beer:

Scythe Rye Pale Ale – 7% IBU 65 OG 1.067

Bayonet – 8.5% IBU 81 OG 1.075

Collab (w/ Asheville Brewing) – Esprit Sauvage

Beacon Sour Gruit – 5.3% IBU ? OG 1.056

Cultivator Black IPA – 7.2% IBU 69 OG 1.062

Voorhammer Imperial Stout – 9.3% IBU 91 OG 1.090