Brown’s Brewing Co. Riveter IPA

By: Benjamin Welton

India Pale Ale — it’s the darling of the craft beer world. Without question, the top-of-the-line craft beer companies usually have an IPA in their roster, and most feature an IPA as their flagship title. For the most part, this is due to simple practicality. IPAs, which leave enough room for a brewer to experiment with a wide range of hops and Frankenstein-like combinations, are easy to brew for amateurs and as such start-up booze merchants usually gravitate to the style in order to get their feet wet.

On the other hand, there’s just something special about a good IPA. Whether lightly touched or doused in enough hops to sink an India-bound freighter, IPAs have become de rigueur for indie drinkers. And it’s not just bespectacled and scarf-rocking snobs either; “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, who reenergized pro wrestling in the 1990s as an uncouth redneck who liked to guzzle cheap beer, not only hypes certain IPAs on his podcast, but routinely lists craft IPAs among his favorite beers.

Maybe someone should give old Stone Cold the Brown’s Brewing Company’s Riveter IPA. This mixture of Domestic Two Row Ale, Caramel, and Carapils malts with Centennial, Cascade, Summit, Warrior and Fuggle hops is quite the little heavyweight. And at 7.0% ABV, it’s nothing to sneeze at either.

Browns Riveter IPA

First Impression: Simple label, Troy, New York headquarters, and a promise of hoppy goodness. The Riveter IPA is fairly bare-bones, but that’s how beer should be. Think of it as a minimalist painting that can get you drunk. Oh, pardon my indecency. Rather, think of the Riveter IPA as a painting that you can slowly imbibe as the Upstate sun sinks behind the mountains. That enough doggrel for ‘ya?

Pour: The foamy white head measures about an inch thick or less, while a pleasant bitterness underlies an aroma mostly made up of fruit. The Riveter IPA also sports a beautiful amber coloring and a moderate amount of carbonation and lacing.

Taste: Let’s pull back for just a second and turn the critical eye the other way. What do you, fine reader, want in an IPA? Like a citrus aftertaste that soaks up most of the bitterness? What about a slender, less overbearing bite? Well, if you’re like me, then you lean more towards the Riveter IPA’s style. The Heady Topper is great an all, but just one can of it can exhaust an average man’s strength. So, unless you need a nap, the smoother taste of the Riveter IPA is what you need right now. A crisp and balanced brew, the Riveter IPA should appeal to the W.C. Fields in all of us. Ah yes.

Grade: A-

ABV: 7.0%


Brown's Riveter IPA