Breck’s 471 Small Batch

Breckenridge’s newest small batch is number 471, one of their mighty hoppy ales, containing Pale, Munich, Caramel-30, Carapils and Torrified Wheat Malts, with Chinook, Centennial, Simcoa and Fuggles hops to make this beer hoppier than most. It’s a double IPA with a british yeast and an ABV of 9.2%.

Breckenridge does what they call “small batches,” this one being 471, and this might be one of the best small batches they’ve created. Although this is a very hoppy beer, it isn’t like most hoppy beer where it takes forever to drink and leaves you feeling dehydrated. It goes well with most food, is great for hot days and is boozy enough that it only comes in a four-pack…that’s really all you’ll need, too.

This is one of their limited edition ales, so it won’t be around long. That’s okay, small batch 472 is sure to be a good one as well.

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