Bozeman Brewing Co. Bozone Amber Ale

By: Rachel Anderson

Beer-thirty, the most important – depending on personal choice – part of the day reserved for the enjoyment of beer. Whether it’s after work, on a Sunday morning in preparation for football, or mid-day during the week, it’s a period defined solely by beer.


First Impression: In the craft beer world, there’s a spectrum of colors, variety and flavor. American Amber Ale is a perfect middle-of-the-road style craft beer for the changing of seasons. Bozone Amber Ale can offers a simplistic design with classic styling, bringing beer back to the basics.

Pour: After hitting the glass, this beer forms the perfect topping of head. It’s clear coloring seamlessly fills the glass and allows beams of light to shine through it, reflecting gentle hues of amber.

Taste: A great balance between malt and hop this light amber draws you in for more. Finishing smoothly, its culmination of hops is flavorful without being too overpowering. Medium-bodied, it offers a full-flavored taste profile to be enjoyed at any affair.

There are only a few beers that taste better out of a can, and Bozone may be the best in its class!

As the can states, “Drink ‘Til MT.” Enough said.

Grade: A-

ABV: 5.4%

IBU: 29

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Bozeman Brewing Bozone Amber