Black Bottle Brewery

By: Christopher Willey

Colorado’s heart of craft beer, Fort Collins, is bringing another brewery to town. I know some of you are thinking that nine microbreweries in one town is plenty and that it is cliché for me to say that this one is different, but it really is! It goes by the name of Black Bottle Brewery and it is scheduled to open this summer. They decided to call it Black Bottle Brewery because owner and head brewer, Sean Nook, believes that they will be the underdog or the “black sheep” of the microbreweries in Fort Collins and judging by Sean’s interesting personality and his plans for the brewery, I think he chose an according name. His goal is to keep his brewery as different from the traditional microbreweries as he possibly can. In fact, they prefer that you don’t call it a brewery, but rather a “fancy beer bar”.

Sean wants to steer away from these traditional customs by using drastically different ingredients and brewing techniques. They plan on having a mammoth selection of beers on tap to choose from, including some guest beers and some wines and meads. On top of that, it looks like they will also serve appetizers to compliment the whole lot, but probably the biggest thing that will set them apart is their location. Their brewery will be located at the corner of Prospect and College, which is just south of the university. This is so unique because all of the other prominent microbreweries in Fort Collins are located north of the university around the downtown area.

This could be something that might make or break them. Sean almost took a place in downtown Fort Collins until he found out it would take about $50,000 in electrical repairs to get the building in proper running order. It must have been fate because their next choice on a location was a homerun. It is more centrally located and just off of the Spring Creek Trail, which is the most popular bike trail in Fort Collins. Their building is situated in a shopping plaza surrounded by other thriving businesses, and most notably, it is adjacent to the university. Having grown up in Fort Collins, Black Bottle Brewery owner, Sean Nook, is very familiar with the city and probably knows very well how important this decision was.

He says he also plans to make the inside of the brewery different from others. He is sick of the pub look and wants to make the inside something more industrial. They also plan on using a seven barrel brew system made from new and used parts, a copper kettle and five fermenters. They decided to keg all of their beer for the time being which is how many of the microbreweries in Fort Collins started out.

Perhaps, the most notable characteristic of this new brewery is the originality of the beer names. With titles like “Roll Down the Windows, Dad”, “Liquid Metal”, “There Goes the Neighborhood” and “Aaah, You Again”, there is no doubt that they are a little “out there” when it comes to their brewing philosophies. I have no doubt that Black Bottle Brewery will thrive in Fort Collins, and that’s because Fort Collins is one of the only towns that has the type of population with the willingness to welcome a brewery that is as uncharacteristic as they are.

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